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Streak App

Concept, UI/UX Design, Icon

Streak is a personal project, created by Robin Clediere and myself. It's a brand new motivational app designed to keep good resolutions. We aspired to erase procrastination and old habits. More than a simple TO DO list, Streak's main goal is to enhance people's way of life. 

We worked hard to provide a challenging and yet, simple experience. The process is really easy: create a resolution, set a frequency and check it when it's done. Reminders and the concept of streaks were essential to this project so people could see how many times in a row they've accomplished their resolutions which would help them stay motivated.


The story.

Everything begun in a famous fast food restaurant. As I was eating with my husband at McDonalds for the 3rd time in the week, we swore to be more cautious with our health and to reduce our number of visits at Ronald's HQ. Of course, one week later, here we were again, eating a Big Mac and french fries.

Since we are both fan of TODO lists and organization, we decided to work together on an app which would make us keep our good resolutions. At that time, we were Nike FuelBand users and we made sure to reach our daily goal. According to us, the best way to set goals and to stick to them was to challenge the user by introducing the concept of streaks. And there it was... the name of our app would be "Streak", how simple?


Icon building.

We wanted a really simple icon, easily recognizable on our iPhone screen. We chose a fruity color to enhance the visual impact. The user had to keep this app in mind every time he'd unlocked his phone, either to check his/her resolutions or to create new ones.

The icon itself is a combination of two elements. First, the check mark, to represent the concept of checking something off a list. What's done is DONE! Then, the diamond shape, which is a subtil allusion to Superman emblem. Streak's goal is to help people becoming better and improving their way of life. With this app, they'd be strong enough to succeed and they'd see themselves as superheroes.



The main focus we had, was to keep the app simple, in terms of design, experience and interaction. Actually, we wanted everyone to be able to use it, not only power users.

For these reasons, we designed an elementary walkthrough to help people with the creation of their first resolution. Step by step, they'd discover their options and get ready to use the app. 


Resolutions & actions.

That's it! The first resolution is in your list. That's awesome, but just to be sure, we added a "Quick Tip" sheet explaining the various actions possible with the cells.

Each resolution cell is composed of a category, a name and a number. This number is actually the streak counter.

Actions are quite simple. A swipe to the left allows the user to: check, erase or set a reminder. When the resolution is checked, it goes to the "done" list, available in the header.



It seemed essentials to add the a reminder function. Everybody has a pretty busy life and your phone is here to help you. The user can set up the reminder as he/she pleases. No more excuses, no more procrastination.



For the navigation, instead of a classic icon, we used the name of the current list. Resolution are sorted by frequency. There's some resolutions that you have to keep on a daily basis, and others you need to keep weekly or even monthly. That's why we created a different lists.

In the menu, there's an indicator revealing the number of resolutions you have to check.


Category icons.

We also designed icons to represent the categories. From productivity, to food, through outdoors. We planned to use categories in a potential update, for example to make statistics and help people on spotting their weaknesses. It's a good way to notice which category need to be improved.


Results & future.

Unfortunately, we never got the chance to bring this project to the end. When we started the design, we were working remotely with our engineer and it was not easy to communicate. 

We had second thoughts about the whole concept and we desagreed on some levels. In the end, we were not sure the app was simple enough and, with full time jobs we didn't have time to re-start the whole project from scratch. 

I learn a lot from this experience though; It was my first real app and I had a hell of a team with me to build it. I know now the importance of communication and how to work with engineers. 

I don't see it as a failure; I was a rookie designer at the time and I got overwhelmed, but now I would gladly dive into that project again. I still believe in Streak and I know an app like that could help a lot of people.


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