Smallville Places


Smallville Places


A few years ago, I used to play a lot with Gowalla, checking, digging rad objects. I've always been impressed by the stamps. They were always well designed, meaningful and full of details! 

When I watched the TV show Smallville, I just wanted to have fun and create these places... you know just in case I'd find myself walking Smallville's streets, using the Gowalla app.


The Daily Planet.


This is one of my favorite place in the Superman universe. This big shiny golden globe spinning all day long, the dark bricked wall and those gigantic windows... The Daily Planet is definitively a myth around Smallville. I've always wanted to see the view from up there!


Kent's Farm.

What a wonderful place to live (when there's no attack coming from Kryptonians, Metahumans or Doomsday). This wooden red barn is one of Clark's favorite places... After the Fortress of Solitude of course.


Luthor Mansion.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not into castle and Middle Ages stuff, but I have to admit, this stained glass is amazing and full of Luthor family's secrets. It represents the whole place.


The Talon.

This local coffeehouse is a casual place to hang-out. Originally designed to be a movie theater, the exterior facade of the building had neon sign that, letter-by-letter, spelled out the theater's name repeatedly. I love the style and let's face it, neon signs always work better at night. 


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