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"Lives move on... memories are forever"

On July 12th, 2014, I said ‘yes‘ to an amazing man: Robin Clediere. He was my design & trusting partner. We had having fun on a daily basis, we knew how to work together, play basketball, share our love for beers, burgers and pixels. Even if our relationship didn't last... I've learnt so much about myself and what I want it life through the year. Every person we meet is forever part of our journey and our growth. I have no regrets, I'm proud of this project and I won't delete it. :)

I'm so happy we had the chance to 'design' our entire wedding from scratch. It was such an epic collaboration and, of course, a memorable event.

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The story.

So yes, basically, it's just another love story and spoiler alert: "They didn't lived happily ever after". Because of administrative reasons and other VISA issues, we only had 1.5 month to organize the Big Day. No need to say we needed to be efficient and on the same page.

We had a very limited guest list (23 people) so we took the opportunity to make something special and create a unique experience for our family and friends.


Building the identity.

The first step of the plan was to create the wedding's identity. As designers, we especially loved this part! We spent a lot of time on Pinterest, browsing pins and creating moodboards. We agreed on everything and we settled for a sweet, simple & bucolic wedding.

We worked on our logo in the first place. We played with the letter 'R' (Robin & Roxane) and chose a shape easily adaptable for the whole branding. We iterated a lot to have a smooth link between the letters. 


We decided to leave the classic one behind and we went for the most original of these two versions. We chose the irregularity over the classicism because, to represent ourselves, our branding had to induce craftsmanship and handmade work. That's our identity.

After that, we created the design of the announcement card and quickly sent the file to the print worker so we can have our beautiful letterpress on time.


Cooking & packing.

We also wanted to make sure our guests would have a personal gift. So we ordered a lot of boxes, bottles, stickers and stamps. It was time to set our creativity free and to start cooking and crafting. 

The gift for our guests was actually a box full of cookies and lemon syrup. We spend an entire day stamping boxes, writing labels and making knots, and after that a big part of the night baking cookies.

It was really fun, but I'm glad we only had 23 guests! 


Table, food & guest book.

We also cooked all the food on the menu, from appetizers to desserts. Burgers, savory cakes, chocolate, lemon tarts...

Afters hours spending on cooking and decorating the table, we were finally ready to receive our guests.

Robin and I love photography, and especially Polaroid. So we decided to take pictures of our guests all day long and then we set a book with their photo on pages so they could write some words around it. Everyone loved the idea.

I have such good memories about this day, it was awesome and I wouldn't change a thing. Here's some photos of the result.


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