Pair Redesign


Pair Redesign

UX/UI Design, Icon

Pair was an app for couples. Texting, sharing, videos, photos, sketching together, thumbkiss and more. The concept is to adapt social network across the couple life. 

Before Pair became Couple, my pixel/life partner & I decided to make a redesign for fun and also because we were directly involved in a long-distance relationship.

NB: This product was originally created and is developed by TenthBit Inc.


The story.

I really fell in love with the concept of Pair. The idea of a dedicated app for couple was innovative and truly useful.

At that time, Robin was living in San Francisco and I was living in France, so just for fun we decided to challenge ourselves by redesigning this app. Beyond a simple graphic redesign, we were able to think about functionalities as we were also enthusiast users.

We tried to focus on two different experiences:

- How to use the app when you're in a long-distance relationship?
- How to use the app when you live close to your loved one?

We made adaptations, changes, but also created new features. We also refreshed the general graphic design in order to put our style into the project and make it even more trendy.

Here's some screenshots of the original version, made by TenthBit Inc.


The icon.

Redesigning the icon was really fun. We actually took the metaphor of the pocket, where you can carry photos of your loved ones. We applied a 'jeans' texture and add some lights and shadows to make it more realistic. Inside the pocket we put a little photo of two people kissing (Yep... it's me and Robin, no need to wonder).

To finish, we placed Pair's logo, which used to be part of the former icon.



The timeline is the centerpiece of the app. Not only it allows to see all partner's activities, but also to interact with him/her. We put a + button in the header to give access to various actions associated with a sub-nav.

Considering the diversity of informations on the timeline, we focused on the use of symbols associated with a clear color to identify actions. We also put the avatars on the same side to rebalance the structure.

Finally, we applied a chronological order so the fresh content remains at the top of the screen.


Several types of posts are publishable. Here is an example of a manual check in, which will appear on the home screen. It’s the same behavior for the photos sharing, videos, musics, and the ‘thinking of you’ feature.


Another aspect that seemed to be missing in the existing app was interactions on the content. That’s why we integrated the concept of ‘likes’ and comments on photos.

Comments have been incorporated directly into images, so we don’t leave the timeline to view or write them. To do this, simply drag upwards on a photo to show existing comments, while having the opportunity to write one when you tap on the ‘say something’ area. We also added the possibility to highlight photos with the star on the right bottom corner.



We adapted the navigation entries based on the new features of the application. While keeping the general appearance of the existing navigation, we updated the graphic style to maintain consistency with the redesign. 

Furthermore, in order to add meaning to this navigation, we took the metaphor of the wallet in which there are often pictures of the loved one. This is why we have included an area to upload the desired images. It’s possible to swipe vertically to see all the pictures. It’s a good way to keep emotional closeness between the couple.



Archived different medias posted on the timeline is really an opportunity to compose a virtual album of memories. For this reason, we wanted to make this part more immersive. We created a mosaic of images, videos and sounds as modular grid. Highlighted elements on the timeline take a bigger place in this composition.



Beyond the desire to make the communication easier on a couple separated by distance, it seemed essential to think about the use made by any couple in everyday life. So we created the ‘Schedule’ part.

It’s possible to create events and to add them to your calendar. Whether it’s a family dinner or a business meeting, everything is located in the same place. Each task is assigned to a person or both simultaneously so that everyone knows exactly what to do, where and when.



In our everyday life, we particularly like making lists for everything. We created a feature called ‘Notebook’ split into two parts: 

- To Do Lists, lists with checkable element
- Notes, free sheets to write random words

With 'To Do Lists', there are several possible actions fro each item of the list: A swipe to the right checks it (putting the avatar of the instigator of the act), a swipe left can delete it.

Finally, it seemed important to be notified when lists / notes were created or updated. Thus, a notification is sent and a post on the timeline is generated.



One of our main goals was to bring the members of the couple closer. In this context, we created the feature ‘Now’ to generate a concrete link between them. 

Using geolocation, it’s possible to know details about the current location of each other. The operation is simple: when one of them opens ‘Now’, the other receives a push notification inviting him to turn on the application. When it’s done, you can determine the time, the place and the weather associated with each of your position.


A switch button allows to easily switch from one screen to the other. In addition, a calculation is generated to determine the distance between the two members. We also added a button ‘Get directions to...’ to add a utility functionality. 

Whatever the distance, everyone can find an interest, a way to stay connected or to feel close to their loved one.



Funny story about this redesign: I contacted the CEO of Pair at that time and sent him a whole document retracing the steps of the redesign and explaining all our choices.

As I visited San Francisco, I got to meet him and we talked about our ideas. A few months later, the last update integrated some of our suggestions. It was an awesome experience.


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