Lesson Square


Lesson Square

Branding, Web Design

Lesson Square aims to offer courses taught by instructors. They wanted to create a platform where a user with a will to learn something could find a teacher, an instructor. This is truly a place of contact for two categories of people.


The story.

I was contacted by Lesson Square to create their identity and some given pages of their website. It was one of my first freelance project and I was enchanted by the concept. I've always loved the education field and creating a bridge between virtual students and teachers was a relevant way to help people while creating a valuable experience.


The branding.

Lesson Square needed a full rebranding, so I started from scratch. I wanted to work on a recognizable icon, associated with the name of the platform. The icon had to be significant enough to be identified by itself.

I decided to draw the shape of a book, to represent the education, (books, notebooks, school...) in the middle of a square. More than just an allusion to the name, it's also a symbol for a private room. A place to learn, to teach, to gather.

I separated the words "lesson" and "square" by playing with the colors and the weight of the typography. I chose a smooth font with rounded edges to balance the sharpness of the icon. 


After that I determined the colors and the fonts to use for their communication and materials. The main color is the pink, a vibrant color, to highlight some areas and represent actions. The others are more neutral and simple to focus on the content. They also asked me to add another strong color to complete the palette, so I came with a dark orange to fit with the others. 


The website.

Lesson Square provided me wireframes of the pages they wanted me to design. Basically the workflow was simple:

- A log in/sign up page
- A homepage with a main focus on the search area
- A profile page with pricing and schedule
- A pricing page to expose the plans available


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