52 Burgers Challenge

52 Burgers Challenge

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The concept is pretty simple:  1 Challenge - 52 Weeks - 52 Burgers w/ french fries on the side...

Warning: If you're hungry, you might want to wait a little bit before checking out this project!

Part #1  //  ☞ Part #2


The story.

I decided to start this project right after New Year 2015. I'm not good at keeping new year’s resolutions, especially when it comes to food. Instead of starting a diet, I preferred starting a new photography project.

One of my best friends is a huge burger’s fan and we often gently argue about which burger is ‘THE BEST BURGER EVER’. So just for fun, I began a Burger Quest for a whole year, one every week (or so). It's really hard to keep the pace sometimes. But at the end of 2015, I'll have 52 burgers in this project. THIS is my resolution!


The logo.

Because every quest needs a proper logo, I designed one. I wanted to play with texture and layers. The idea was to make it look like a stamp, you know like a 'Tested and Approved by Roxane' label. 

The colors? Burger = USA // USA = Blue, red and white... Yep it's that simple 🇺🇸


#32 and counting.

I'm keeping notes on every burgers I've ate and I'll make sure to print a book with all these photos and thoughts when I'm done.

The challenge is to find new places, new flavors every single week. I'm having fun with this project and sometimes I'm making my own burgers. So I guess it's a WIN-WIN. So far my favorite is the Marlowe's Burger from Marlowe in San Francisco but there's a lot of new places to explore. If you have suggestions feel free to contact me!!


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