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People over Heroes

Concept, Editorial, Branding, Photography

People over Heroes (PoH) is a blog featuring an interview series about inspiring and creative people. PoH aims to highlight designers, engineers, artists, friends, family...basically all my heroes.

Every single one of them is passionate, inspiring and deserves to be admired.

Like all the superheroes that we know, they have secrets, ambitions, weaknesses and dreams. This project is all about discovering the hidden part of these people through unusual funny questions, because I trust that everybody has an inner hero part.



The story.


I decided to create People over Heroes when I moved to San Francisco. As a designer, I admire a lot of great pixel makers/artists and it was awesome to finally meet some of them in real life.

I've always considered them as part of my professional life since they were inspiration and motivation to me. So I figured that creating a place to gather my very own heroes could be a good idea.




I chose the superhero/hero theme because, in a way, that's what they are to me. Plus, it gave me an unusual angle to prepare the questions I was going to send to my interviewees.

Let's face it, there is a lot a great blogs out there, with killer interviews. Giving a 'geeky' theme allowed me to have fun and to give a more casual tone. I'm playing with 'heroes' and 'superheroes' references while reaching for meaningful details about my interviewees' personality.


Branding & style.


I really wanted to create a recognizable and fun identity to reflect the casualness of the interviews while highlighting the duality between being a hero and a simple human at the same time.

Name and logo

The name "People over Heroes" popped in my mind when I was staring at one of Facebook famous posters "People over Pixels". You need to think about the human being first.

The idea behind the execution of the logo was to play with superpositions. The obvious word "Heroes" is written in a strong color with a bold type to identify the main topic, but I wanted to give the feeling that "People over" was written upon it, with a big fat Sharpie© to empowered the 'human' side of this project.

I had some problems with the readability at first by adding a little bit of transparency helped. The colors are simple and easily distinguishable, and let's face it I love the mint green shade. Regarding the types, I'm trying to oppose the Brandon Grotesque with handwritten fonts, such as Besom or SignPainter.



This is actually one of my favorite part of this project. One of the questions that I ask to my interviewees is: "Who was your favorite superhero growing up?" and it's really fun to discover their answers. 

I decided to create a unique illustration to represent every single one of them. The idea is to get this little thing capable of making the character recognizable, it could be Anakin's lightsaber to represent Darth Vader, or a phone booth for Superman. It's a good way to practice my illustration skills and to create a special artwork for my interviewees.

I'm using the same style as the logo with an association of 2 colors and a superposition of layers to highlight the duality between being a hero and just a regular person beneath multiple layers of personality. I tried two different styles, but I finally decided to go with the second one because it was more readable and less confusing.

First version

First version

Second version

Second version


I added a tiny gap between the color filling and the black strokes to reinforce the style and strengthen the identity.

I have to say that sometimes I'm having a little bit of challenge while discovering superheroes I don't even know, but I *love* that!


The interview process.


I found it more convenient to choose the written interviews process. The questions aren't easy/usual and I prefer when people take time to think about their feelings and their answers. Plus, I get to organize a photoshoot based on what I read about them, it's way more personal.

I'm trying to be bold, contacting people that I admire, asking them to be part of my project and, so far, I'm pretty happy with the feedback that I get.

I still have a lot of people to get in touch with though, but that's exciting.


The website.


When I created the website, I really wanted to focus on the content of the interviews. I wasn't scared of white areas because it was all about highlighting the personality of my heroes.

Their stories are amazing and I had to find a balance to share them properly. Too much text could make the interviews boring and hard to read till the end. Too many distractions, such as images, photos or videos, could break the immersion in the story itself.

I'm basically using graphic materials to support the words and the story, not the other way around. More than simple ornaments, they give depth and visual structure to the interview.

Home page // Grid + Featured interview

Home page // Grid + Featured interview

Interview Page // Y  ep! I interviewed myself! :)

Interview Page // Yep! I interviewed myself! :)


What comes next.

This project is really at its beginning. I've created a Facebook Page and a Newsletter to spread the word and give more visibility to the website. 

I'm having a lot of fun doing this and meeting my true creative heroes. I'm always looking for new people to interview so if you're interested just drop me a line. I'm thinking about expansions for the blog in the next couple of months, such as heroes battles and writings about experience/inspiration.

At some point, I'm hoping to make a casual printed magazine, because I love working with print materials. I'm currently thinking about creating a set of goodies with my illustrations (stickers, patches, posters...). Basically, there's plenty of room for imagination and improvements, I can't wait to see what comes next.


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Glose Book Covers


Glose Books Covers


Glose is an ambitious startup creating a social reading platform. Their goal is to connect writers and readers through books. This platform is a great place to share ideas, knowledge and engaged reader communities. They're offering a large catalogue of books both on mobile and desktop and I was hired to design some of their covers. No need to say that the passionate reader inside of me was more than excited by this challenging project.

☞ Download the app


Story & challenge.

Glose contacted me to design e-book covers for their product. They needed they own book collection as they offered free books to their users. 

The deal was: 1 month, 110 covers.

At that time I was a full time employee in a web agency, so I took this project as a freelance designer. Even if I was excited by the project, the number of covers requested with this tight deadline scared me a little at first.

But my love for books took over my doubts and I was ready to take the first step!


Creating a collection.


I had to be efficient and fast, but my main concern was to create something not only consistent (to establish the idea of a giant book collection) but also with various styles (to avoid visual redundancy between the 100 covers). So there it is, how can I satisfied my client's will for diversity while imposing a discrete identity mark?

I decided to be subtile and to keep the same layout: Author's name on top, logo 'Glose' at the bottom. And in between? Well, creative artworks with different styles. I had to use diverse techniques and work fast because I had a pace to keep up!


Process & research.

One of my favorite part with this project was the research phase. Even if I already knew a lot of great Classics, I had to make some analysis to identify the main topic and the atmosphere of the story. I wanted each cover to represent the book itself with a simple idea or small details of the story. I focused on the reader's need to understand with one glance in what ambiance they would dive into.

After that I chose the most appropriate technique for each book, depending on the ideas I had and the context of the topic. I used mainly 4 styles: Patterns, Illustrations, Photography and Typography.


Patterns & women.

I've made an entire series composed of floral and feminine pattern. I wanted to create a consistency between those novels about strong woman and induce a kind of book collection. 

Those ones helped me to be quick and to save some precious time. I had to respect my deadline without compromising the quality of my work. It was really hard to spend more than 2 hours creating a new cover. Patterns turned out to work out pretty well, especially with the use of good typography and ornaments.


Photos & editing.

The main challenge with these particular covers was to propose an accurate visual support for the stories. Using photos can be a way to empower the message but no need to say it's hard to find the perfect image. For this reason, I sometimes used photo manipulation, bringing all my basic visual skills from school, from background removal, to photo treatments, through lights & shadows adjustments. 


Vectors & illustrations.

Working with illustrations is something that I love to do when it comes to graphic design. Creating book covers allowed me to have fun while letting my imagination play its part.

That's probably my favorite kind of cover because I had to create everything from the scratch. It was important to think about the concept before even considering the style, the colors or the pixels.


Typography & lettering.

Even if I chose a specific font to reflect the story's tone for each cover, in some cases I pushed it a little bit further. I played with letters and words to create a harmonious compositions and give more strength to the message.

Of course, photos and illustrations remain essential to support the visual effect, but the goal was to focus on the title.


The Shakespeare series.

At some point they wanted me to design a whole series for William Shakespeare.

I had to create a strong consistency between each book. I determined a style using a unique font for the title, a main color, a grunge effect and a simple illustration.

I took care of details and every cover matches with the story of their book.


On the screen.

Designing covers for printed books is one thing, designing covers for screens is totally different. First, the medium is the phone or the computer, not the book itself. It's often hard to create an sensitive experience without tangible material, but this was another good challenge. 

I worked in collaboration with the UI designer to make sure the covers would blend smoothly into the app and the website. I wanted the readers to have the best discovering experience possible with a complete immersion in the universe of the book.


Animated covers.

One of the needs after implementing the covers in the app, was to give them more impact and to add interactivity to the screen.

After a rich brainstorming, we decided to try an experimentation by adding subtil animations on the cover. It was an original way to present books in the app. Glose hired an animator to give life to my artworks.

I really loved the idea.



After the success of the first batch of covers, Glose decided to keep going with my services for a while and I had the chance to design more than 180 custom covers. I truly loved working on this project, using my passion for design and books.

It was impossible to show all the covers in this case, so here's a selection of my favorites. 


©2014 🚀

52 Burgers Challenge

52 Burgers Challenge

Photography, BrandinG

The concept is pretty simple:  1 Challenge - 52 Weeks - 52 Burgers w/ french fries on the side...

Warning: If you're hungry, you might want to wait a little bit before checking out this project!

Part #1  //  ☞ Part #2


The story.

I decided to start this project right after New Year 2015. I'm not good at keeping new year’s resolutions, especially when it comes to food. Instead of starting a diet, I preferred starting a new photography project.

One of my best friends is a huge burger’s fan and we often gently argue about which burger is ‘THE BEST BURGER EVER’. So just for fun, I began a Burger Quest for a whole year, one every week (or so). It's really hard to keep the pace sometimes. But at the end of 2015, I'll have 52 burgers in this project. THIS is my resolution!


The logo.

Because every quest needs a proper logo, I designed one. I wanted to play with texture and layers. The idea was to make it look like a stamp, you know like a 'Tested and Approved by Roxane' label. 

The colors? Burger = USA // USA = Blue, red and white... Yep it's that simple 🇺🇸


#32 and counting.

I'm keeping notes on every burgers I've ate and I'll make sure to print a book with all these photos and thoughts when I'm done.

The challenge is to find new places, new flavors every single week. I'm having fun with this project and sometimes I'm making my own burgers. So I guess it's a WIN-WIN. So far my favorite is the Marlowe's Burger from Marlowe in San Francisco but there's a lot of new places to explore. If you have suggestions feel free to contact me!!


©2015 🚀




BRANDING, photography

"Lives move on... memories are forever"

On July 12th, 2014, I said ‘yes‘ to an amazing man: Robin Clediere. He was my design & trusting partner. We had having fun on a daily basis, we knew how to work together, play basketball, share our love for beers, burgers and pixels. Even if our relationship didn't last... I've learnt so much about myself and what I want it life through the year. Every person we meet is forever part of our journey and our growth. I have no regrets, I'm proud of this project and I won't delete it. :)

I'm so happy we had the chance to 'design' our entire wedding from scratch. It was such an epic collaboration and, of course, a memorable event.

☞ More on exposure


The story.

So yes, basically, it's just another love story and spoiler alert: "They didn't lived happily ever after". Because of administrative reasons and other VISA issues, we only had 1.5 month to organize the Big Day. No need to say we needed to be efficient and on the same page.

We had a very limited guest list (23 people) so we took the opportunity to make something special and create a unique experience for our family and friends.


Building the identity.

The first step of the plan was to create the wedding's identity. As designers, we especially loved this part! We spent a lot of time on Pinterest, browsing pins and creating moodboards. We agreed on everything and we settled for a sweet, simple & bucolic wedding.

We worked on our logo in the first place. We played with the letter 'R' (Robin & Roxane) and chose a shape easily adaptable for the whole branding. We iterated a lot to have a smooth link between the letters. 


We decided to leave the classic one behind and we went for the most original of these two versions. We chose the irregularity over the classicism because, to represent ourselves, our branding had to induce craftsmanship and handmade work. That's our identity.

After that, we created the design of the announcement card and quickly sent the file to the print worker so we can have our beautiful letterpress on time.


Cooking & packing.

We also wanted to make sure our guests would have a personal gift. So we ordered a lot of boxes, bottles, stickers and stamps. It was time to set our creativity free and to start cooking and crafting. 

The gift for our guests was actually a box full of cookies and lemon syrup. We spend an entire day stamping boxes, writing labels and making knots, and after that a big part of the night baking cookies.

It was really fun, but I'm glad we only had 23 guests! 


Table, food & guest book.

We also cooked all the food on the menu, from appetizers to desserts. Burgers, savory cakes, chocolate, lemon tarts...

Afters hours spending on cooking and decorating the table, we were finally ready to receive our guests.

Robin and I love photography, and especially Polaroid. So we decided to take pictures of our guests all day long and then we set a book with their photo on pages so they could write some words around it. Everyone loved the idea.

I have such good memories about this day, it was awesome and I wouldn't change a thing. Here's some photos of the result.


©2014 🚀

Streak App


Streak App

Concept, UI/UX Design, Icon

Streak is a personal project, created by Robin Clediere and myself. It's a brand new motivational app designed to keep good resolutions. We aspired to erase procrastination and old habits. More than a simple TO DO list, Streak's main goal is to enhance people's way of life. 

We worked hard to provide a challenging and yet, simple experience. The process is really easy: create a resolution, set a frequency and check it when it's done. Reminders and the concept of streaks were essential to this project so people could see how many times in a row they've accomplished their resolutions which would help them stay motivated.


The story.

Everything begun in a famous fast food restaurant. As I was eating with my husband at McDonalds for the 3rd time in the week, we swore to be more cautious with our health and to reduce our number of visits at Ronald's HQ. Of course, one week later, here we were again, eating a Big Mac and french fries.

Since we are both fan of TODO lists and organization, we decided to work together on an app which would make us keep our good resolutions. At that time, we were Nike FuelBand users and we made sure to reach our daily goal. According to us, the best way to set goals and to stick to them was to challenge the user by introducing the concept of streaks. And there it was... the name of our app would be "Streak", how simple?


Icon building.

We wanted a really simple icon, easily recognizable on our iPhone screen. We chose a fruity color to enhance the visual impact. The user had to keep this app in mind every time he'd unlocked his phone, either to check his/her resolutions or to create new ones.

The icon itself is a combination of two elements. First, the check mark, to represent the concept of checking something off a list. What's done is DONE! Then, the diamond shape, which is a subtil allusion to Superman emblem. Streak's goal is to help people becoming better and improving their way of life. With this app, they'd be strong enough to succeed and they'd see themselves as superheroes.



The main focus we had, was to keep the app simple, in terms of design, experience and interaction. Actually, we wanted everyone to be able to use it, not only power users.

For these reasons, we designed an elementary walkthrough to help people with the creation of their first resolution. Step by step, they'd discover their options and get ready to use the app. 


Resolutions & actions.

That's it! The first resolution is in your list. That's awesome, but just to be sure, we added a "Quick Tip" sheet explaining the various actions possible with the cells.

Each resolution cell is composed of a category, a name and a number. This number is actually the streak counter.

Actions are quite simple. A swipe to the left allows the user to: check, erase or set a reminder. When the resolution is checked, it goes to the "done" list, available in the header.



It seemed essentials to add the a reminder function. Everybody has a pretty busy life and your phone is here to help you. The user can set up the reminder as he/she pleases. No more excuses, no more procrastination.



For the navigation, instead of a classic icon, we used the name of the current list. Resolution are sorted by frequency. There's some resolutions that you have to keep on a daily basis, and others you need to keep weekly or even monthly. That's why we created a different lists.

In the menu, there's an indicator revealing the number of resolutions you have to check.


Category icons.

We also designed icons to represent the categories. From productivity, to food, through outdoors. We planned to use categories in a potential update, for example to make statistics and help people on spotting their weaknesses. It's a good way to notice which category need to be improved.


Results & future.

Unfortunately, we never got the chance to bring this project to the end. When we started the design, we were working remotely with our engineer and it was not easy to communicate. 

We had second thoughts about the whole concept and we desagreed on some levels. In the end, we were not sure the app was simple enough and, with full time jobs we didn't have time to re-start the whole project from scratch. 

I learn a lot from this experience though; It was my first real app and I had a hell of a team with me to build it. I know now the importance of communication and how to work with engineers. 

I don't see it as a failure; I was a rookie designer at the time and I got overwhelmed, but now I would gladly dive into that project again. I still believe in Streak and I know an app like that could help a lot of people.


©2013 🚀

Smallville Places


Smallville Places


A few years ago, I used to play a lot with Gowalla, checking, digging rad objects. I've always been impressed by the stamps. They were always well designed, meaningful and full of details! 

When I watched the TV show Smallville, I just wanted to have fun and create these places... you know just in case I'd find myself walking Smallville's streets, using the Gowalla app.


The Daily Planet.


This is one of my favorite place in the Superman universe. This big shiny golden globe spinning all day long, the dark bricked wall and those gigantic windows... The Daily Planet is definitively a myth around Smallville. I've always wanted to see the view from up there!


Kent's Farm.

What a wonderful place to live (when there's no attack coming from Kryptonians, Metahumans or Doomsday). This wooden red barn is one of Clark's favorite places... After the Fortress of Solitude of course.


Luthor Mansion.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not into castle and Middle Ages stuff, but I have to admit, this stained glass is amazing and full of Luthor family's secrets. It represents the whole place.


The Talon.

This local coffeehouse is a casual place to hang-out. Originally designed to be a movie theater, the exterior facade of the building had neon sign that, letter-by-letter, spelled out the theater's name repeatedly. I love the style and let's face it, neon signs always work better at night. 


©2013 🚀

Pair Redesign


Pair Redesign

UX/UI Design, Icon

Pair was an app for couples. Texting, sharing, videos, photos, sketching together, thumbkiss and more. The concept is to adapt social network across the couple life. 

Before Pair became Couple, my pixel/life partner & I decided to make a redesign for fun and also because we were directly involved in a long-distance relationship.

NB: This product was originally created and is developed by TenthBit Inc.


The story.

I really fell in love with the concept of Pair. The idea of a dedicated app for couple was innovative and truly useful.

At that time, Robin was living in San Francisco and I was living in France, so just for fun we decided to challenge ourselves by redesigning this app. Beyond a simple graphic redesign, we were able to think about functionalities as we were also enthusiast users.

We tried to focus on two different experiences:

- How to use the app when you're in a long-distance relationship?
- How to use the app when you live close to your loved one?

We made adaptations, changes, but also created new features. We also refreshed the general graphic design in order to put our style into the project and make it even more trendy.

Here's some screenshots of the original version, made by TenthBit Inc.


The icon.

Redesigning the icon was really fun. We actually took the metaphor of the pocket, where you can carry photos of your loved ones. We applied a 'jeans' texture and add some lights and shadows to make it more realistic. Inside the pocket we put a little photo of two people kissing (Yep... it's me and Robin, no need to wonder).

To finish, we placed Pair's logo, which used to be part of the former icon.



The timeline is the centerpiece of the app. Not only it allows to see all partner's activities, but also to interact with him/her. We put a + button in the header to give access to various actions associated with a sub-nav.

Considering the diversity of informations on the timeline, we focused on the use of symbols associated with a clear color to identify actions. We also put the avatars on the same side to rebalance the structure.

Finally, we applied a chronological order so the fresh content remains at the top of the screen.


Several types of posts are publishable. Here is an example of a manual check in, which will appear on the home screen. It’s the same behavior for the photos sharing, videos, musics, and the ‘thinking of you’ feature.


Another aspect that seemed to be missing in the existing app was interactions on the content. That’s why we integrated the concept of ‘likes’ and comments on photos.

Comments have been incorporated directly into images, so we don’t leave the timeline to view or write them. To do this, simply drag upwards on a photo to show existing comments, while having the opportunity to write one when you tap on the ‘say something’ area. We also added the possibility to highlight photos with the star on the right bottom corner.



We adapted the navigation entries based on the new features of the application. While keeping the general appearance of the existing navigation, we updated the graphic style to maintain consistency with the redesign. 

Furthermore, in order to add meaning to this navigation, we took the metaphor of the wallet in which there are often pictures of the loved one. This is why we have included an area to upload the desired images. It’s possible to swipe vertically to see all the pictures. It’s a good way to keep emotional closeness between the couple.



Archived different medias posted on the timeline is really an opportunity to compose a virtual album of memories. For this reason, we wanted to make this part more immersive. We created a mosaic of images, videos and sounds as modular grid. Highlighted elements on the timeline take a bigger place in this composition.



Beyond the desire to make the communication easier on a couple separated by distance, it seemed essential to think about the use made by any couple in everyday life. So we created the ‘Schedule’ part.

It’s possible to create events and to add them to your calendar. Whether it’s a family dinner or a business meeting, everything is located in the same place. Each task is assigned to a person or both simultaneously so that everyone knows exactly what to do, where and when.



In our everyday life, we particularly like making lists for everything. We created a feature called ‘Notebook’ split into two parts: 

- To Do Lists, lists with checkable element
- Notes, free sheets to write random words

With 'To Do Lists', there are several possible actions fro each item of the list: A swipe to the right checks it (putting the avatar of the instigator of the act), a swipe left can delete it.

Finally, it seemed important to be notified when lists / notes were created or updated. Thus, a notification is sent and a post on the timeline is generated.



One of our main goals was to bring the members of the couple closer. In this context, we created the feature ‘Now’ to generate a concrete link between them. 

Using geolocation, it’s possible to know details about the current location of each other. The operation is simple: when one of them opens ‘Now’, the other receives a push notification inviting him to turn on the application. When it’s done, you can determine the time, the place and the weather associated with each of your position.


A switch button allows to easily switch from one screen to the other. In addition, a calculation is generated to determine the distance between the two members. We also added a button ‘Get directions to...’ to add a utility functionality. 

Whatever the distance, everyone can find an interest, a way to stay connected or to feel close to their loved one.



Funny story about this redesign: I contacted the CEO of Pair at that time and sent him a whole document retracing the steps of the redesign and explaining all our choices.

As I visited San Francisco, I got to meet him and we talked about our ideas. A few months later, the last update integrated some of our suggestions. It was an awesome experience.


©2012 🚀

Lesson Square


Lesson Square

Branding, Web Design

Lesson Square aims to offer courses taught by instructors. They wanted to create a platform where a user with a will to learn something could find a teacher, an instructor. This is truly a place of contact for two categories of people.


The story.

I was contacted by Lesson Square to create their identity and some given pages of their website. It was one of my first freelance project and I was enchanted by the concept. I've always loved the education field and creating a bridge between virtual students and teachers was a relevant way to help people while creating a valuable experience.


The branding.

Lesson Square needed a full rebranding, so I started from scratch. I wanted to work on a recognizable icon, associated with the name of the platform. The icon had to be significant enough to be identified by itself.

I decided to draw the shape of a book, to represent the education, (books, notebooks, school...) in the middle of a square. More than just an allusion to the name, it's also a symbol for a private room. A place to learn, to teach, to gather.

I separated the words "lesson" and "square" by playing with the colors and the weight of the typography. I chose a smooth font with rounded edges to balance the sharpness of the icon. 


After that I determined the colors and the fonts to use for their communication and materials. The main color is the pink, a vibrant color, to highlight some areas and represent actions. The others are more neutral and simple to focus on the content. They also asked me to add another strong color to complete the palette, so I came with a dark orange to fit with the others. 


The website.

Lesson Square provided me wireframes of the pages they wanted me to design. Basically the workflow was simple:

- A log in/sign up page
- A homepage with a main focus on the search area
- A profile page with pricing and schedule
- A pricing page to expose the plans available


©2013 🚀




Random pixels SElection

Mission Bay Basketball Logo

Mission Bay Basketball Logo

Settlers of Catan Modern Board

Settlers of Catan Modern Board

Chris + Claire Tauziet "Best Wishes" Stamp

Chris + Claire Tauziet "Best Wishes" Stamp

La cerise sur le gâteau (Bakery) - Logo

La cerise sur le gâteau (Bakery) - Logo

Oh my Job - Logo

Oh my Job - Logo

Super Bowl XLVII - Illustration

Super Bowl XLVII - Illustration

The Homemade Diet (Blog) - Logo

The Homemade Diet (Blog) - Logo

Cocktails for you (Bar) - Logo

Cocktails for you (Bar) - Logo


The Avengers Series


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