About me?


Design, Cameras, Cookies



Hi I'm Roxane!

Born and raised in France, I left my hometown to live my 'American Dream' in San Francisco. I'm a versatile designer, a passionate photographer and a serial baker. I'm obsessed with new challenges, crazy ideas & organization.

I'm a Product Designer at Facebook and I love my job! 👍

If you want to know more about me, my work or if need to try my awesome 'Sea Salt White Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies' feel free to contact me on roxane.clediere [at] gmail.com!



Things I love:

[TL;DR] Todo lists, cookies, superheroes, pizzas, platypus, Stephen King, old cameras, beavers, Harley Quinn, burgers, pastel colors, cheesecakes, HIMYM, Boba Fett, typography, hoverboards, snow for Christmas, coasters, basketball, notebooks, sparkling water, cheese, sour beer, music, the number 23, Settlers of Catan, pixels, Lex Luthor, flour, my friends, my family...

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